February 26, 2015

Millenials Prefer Buying Beauty Products the Old-Fashioned Way

A new study shows they prefer a personal, in-store approach, rather than e-commerce or m-commerce.

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There’s no question that in most aspects of millennial life, mobile Internet is king. But a recent study from TABS Analytics unearthed a shocking development among women aged 18 to 34. They are actually buying fewer beauty products on the Internet, and more in stores. The biggest beneficiaries of this development are specialty retailers like Ulta and Sephora, who both have had big boosts in sales in recent years.

While buying many things on the Internet is easier to do, beauty products are one area where it appears millennial women really want to see the product in action before they buy. And since these stores have trial stations to allow women to try before they buy, this could be a major reason for the trend.

Though Kristals Cosmetics’ online presence is strong, they also have several stores around the country to meet this trend, including ones in La Jolla, California, Beverly Hills, California, Aspen, Colorado and more.


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