March 3, 2015

Beauty Consumers Are Going Mobile

Results of a new survey from Mintel

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In days past, getting good advice on skincare and beauty products involved going to the store, having an in-depth conversation with a sales associate and trusting whatever advice you were given. As with most things in life, though, the Internet and digital technology is changing that trend.

A new survey from Mintel, a large market intelligence agency, indicates that 45 percent of people who buy beauty products would rather research different beauty products on their mobile devices rather than talk to a sales associate. In addition, 16 percent prefer stores where the associates don’t initiate contact, but rather wait for them to ask for help.

With a mobile-friendly website and online store present at, Kristals Cosmetics is right at the leading edge of this change in beauty-buying preferences for their cosmetics and gemstone beauty creams. The site offers detailed information on all Kristals products, and an easy-to-use interface for making online purchases.


Click here to read more about the study. To discover more skincare tips from Kristals Cosmetics, click here. You can also find product reviews for Kristals’ gemstone-infused skincare creams, watch videos about them or learn more about the products on the company’s main site.


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