July 5, 2016

All-Natural Is Key for Beauty Products

Results from a recent survey of beauty and skincare consumers

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Trends come and go with beauty products, but one that seems to have staying power is the desire for the products to be all-natural and free from harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens and the like. This has been noted by several recent studies, including a “Green Beauty Barometer” survey of 1,000 women performed in 2015. In that study, 54 percent of all women said buying all-natural skincare products was important.

With a combination of earth-based gemstones, botanical extracts and a wide variety of other natural products, Kristals Cosmetics is right in line with this trend by featuring some of the finest cosmetics available.


Click here to read more about the study. To discover more skincare tips from Kristals Cosmetics, click here. You can also find product reviews for Kristals’ gemstone-infused skincare creams, watch videos about them or learn more about the products on the company’s main site.


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