January 11, 2017

What Do Women Want? Start With SPF

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There’s no question that sunscreen and other skincare products with SPF protection are big business. In a recent survey of 4,500 women by consumer research firm The Benchmarking Company, 93 percent of women said they both purchase and use skincare products with SPF regularly. Kristals Cosmetics agrees that SPF should be an important part of everyone’s skincare routine.

But women also have certain wants from their SPF products, some of which are currently being met, and others that leave something to be desired. The survey attempted to discover these answers in order to help companies provide better products.

Unobtrusive yet Effective SPF Preferred

Not surprisingly, women desired SPF products that work well but aren’t very noticeable as they’re working. Sixty percent of women wanted lightweight products, while 58 percent wanted them to be sweat-proof.

At the same time, it was important to 63 percent of women that the products last for at least 90 minutes. And a full 60 percent also desired a good scent from their SPF products.

On the flip side, the undesirable properties in SPF products included being white and streaky, sticky or full of harmful chemicals. Among the women taking the survey, 63 percent did not want white or streaky products; 66 percent were concerned about sticky products; and 61 percent wanted to make sure it was free of harmful chemicals.

“Multitasking” Skincare Products

Another interesting result from the survey is that most women are moving beyond just basic sunscreen. Instead, they desire “multitasking” skincare products that serve another role in their beauty regimen but also provide SPF protection.

All in all, a full 75 percent of the survey takers said they’d prefer a skincare product with SPF protection over standard sunscreen. And 85 percent of the women who took the survey also said that they’d be willing to pay more for a product that provided SPF protection.

To read more about the survey results, click here to go to Cosmetics Mag.

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