Gold and diamonds will always have their place in the pantheon of precious jewelry. But at the moment, the hot items for many celebrities, as well as New York “cool kids,” is amethysts.

The Emerging Popularity of Amethysts

Known throughout the ages as a “soul stone,” amethyst was reputed to help soothe the emotions while carrying the fires of passion, creativity and spirituality within. Balancing out the fires are other qualities associated with amethyst, like temperance and sobriety.

These days, experts in the use of crystals recommend amethyst because it’s believe that the stone’s inherent high frequency purifies negative energy and creates a protective shield of light around the body that allows you to remain centered.

Erica Weiner, a boutique owner in Brooklyn, has noticed this trend recently. After she started buying up the unique purple jewels at estate sales, she noticed that she would quickly sell them off in her boutique. The trend has also caught on with many celebrities, and amethyst jewelry is beginning to make many appearances on the red carpet.

Kristals Cosmetics is no stranger to the power of the amethyst. Their line of crystal- and gemstone-infused skincare and beauty brand features three products infused with the precious stone:

Kristals also carries amethyst jewelry and amethyst crystal – so you can have the crystal and its powers with you whether you’re caring for your skin, heading out on the town, or staying in to meditate and recharge.

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