June 26, 2017

Skincare Trends 2017: A Must Read!

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skincare trends 2017

skincare trends 2017

You might be thinking that the market is absolutely saturated with skincare and beauty products at this point, and that nothing can surprise you anymore. However, new research from a market research firm called Mintel shows that this is not the case.  The best is yet to come when it comes to skincare trends 2017:

What’s interesting from Mintel’s market research is how preferences for skincare and beauty products are changing over time.

Skincare trends 2017  include:

  • Anti-stress and organic all natural skincare.
  • Mintel’s reports shows that 30 percent of consumers now look for products with anti-stress claims, while 85 percent want products with vitamin C.
  • Other food-based ingredients are also popular with 78 percent looking for fruit-based ingredients, 78 percent interested in oatmeal, and 76 percent intrigued by honey.

Mintel’s report also describes a more holistic approach towards health and beauty as consumers realize the relevance and impact of good lifestyle choices in their skin and overall well being.Kristals Cosmetics is right at the leading edge of this trend with a wide range of cutting edge ingredients in their line of crystal- and gemstone-infused skincare and beauty products. Their products contain vitamin C and many other desirable ingredients. These have proven to be effective stress managers and calmness boosters. 

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More about Kristals Cosmetics

Since ancient times, precious and semi-precious stones have been used to promote healing and well-being. At Kristals, we promote a lifestyle that combines spirituality with holistic jewelry using gems like diamonds, gold, and sapphire; as well as candles and related accessories. The result? Youthful radiance and balanced spiritual energy.

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