August 2, 2017

What Is The Best Winter Beauty Routine?

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We’re still in summer, but the colder months are closer than you think. When it comes to your winter beauty routine, it’s always best to plan ahead. When the cold weather hits and you wrap yourself in layers of warm clothes, beauty may not be at the top of mind. But with its harsh conditions and holiday hustle, winter is one of the most crucial times to maintain a healthy glow. Here’s how to keep that summer radiance in the ice and snow.

Winter Beauty Routine Tips

Maximize the moisture

In winter, you need to boost the moisture for your body, face, and under eyes. Keep in mind that creams tend to hydrate better than lotions because they trap moisture in the skin.

Bump up your balm

You can’t cover them up, so lips get a dose of all the harm winter elements. Give them some added winter protection with a luxury lip treatment from time to time.

Be gentle

Cold weather tends to make skin more irritated and red. Adding an exfoliator to the mix can make matters worse. So instead, try using a facial oil and rubbing it all over your skin to remove flakes and dead cells, recommend the beauty and skincare researchers at Adore Cosmetics. You will get a bonus boost of moisture, too.

Drink more H2O

Your skin tends to be drier in the cold, so hydrate it from the inside out by downing more water. Make sure you are getting at least the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses per day. If you can drink more, even better.

Give your hair a break

It’s not just skin that dries out in the frigid weather; hair tends to be drier in the winter, too. Keep it naturally moisturized by washing it less frequently when the air turns cold.

Hydrate your hands

Your everyday body lotion may not cut it all year round. Cold, dry air can irritate hands and cause them to crack. To shield them, use an extra moisture-rich hand cream.

Treat yourself

Winter air can cause dry, rough patches on your skin. To soothe them, try a mixing some sugar and honey and sloughing it on those areas. The sugar will help increase circulation, and the honey will reduce inflammation.

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