August 16, 2017

Do Celebrity Skin Secrets Really Work?

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We naturally want to find out what celebs to do make their skin look great. We see them on the red carpet looking fab and figure we can learn from them. Well…maybe. Or not. Sometimes they may give generic advice because they save the good tips for themselves. Or maybe they rely on experts and don’t really have beauty insights they can share off the top of their heads. Think about it—you rely on your accountant to do your taxes. How much could you really share about tax breaks if someone asked you? With that in mind, below we dissect 4 celebrity skin secrets to see if they’re really helpful.

4 Lessons to be Learned from Celebrity Skin Secrets


#1 “I drink plenty of water”

This is good for overall health, but for skin, what you need to do is moisturize, using creamier products if you have dry skin and serums if your skin is oily. With combination skin, spot treat: dry skin moisturizers with hyaluronic acid on dry skin areas, a dimethicone-based moisturizer on the oily areas.

#2 “I only wash my face at night”

Dermatologists recommend washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. Once a day isn’t enough. So give Kristals Diamond Anti Gravity Gentle Cleansing Milk a go.

#3 “I love argan oil”

This is fine because of the antioxidants in the oil, say our skin care researchers at Kristals Cosmetics. However, people with oily skin may see a negative effect from this substance. A better (and less expensive) bet is an antioxidant serum with vitamins E and C since they tend to complement each other well. Moisturizers with resveratrol that fit your skin type can offer the benefits of this antioxidant. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative with proven benefits, so it’s used in both over the counter and prescription-only products.

#4 “I get electric facials”

This sounds very cool and high tech, but many dermatologists are skeptical about the benefits of facials in general, much less those done with an electric current. So it’s likely that electric facial-getting celeb X looks good for other reasons besides her charged-up treatments. Instead, why not pamper yourself at home using Kristals Diamond Anti Gravity Magnetic Mask .

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