March 5, 2018

What do We Know About Body Image Issues among Girls?

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If you’re a parent with a daughter, then you want to make her feel like she can accomplish anything based on her intelligence, not just her looks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of young girls today don’t feel that way, based on the results of a discouraging survey called the Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2016.

Survey About Body Image Issues among Girls

This survey of seven to 10-year-old girls found that:

  • 36 percent of them believed that looks were their most important attribute,
  • while 35 percent believed their appearance was more important than their abilities.
  • What’s more, 15 percent of the girls said they were embarrassed about their looks.
  • And 38 percent said that they didn’t feel like they were pretty enough.
  • Overall, 15 percent of the total girls who took the survey felt like they needed to be perfect.

Not only are the results of the survey somewhat discouraging, but they also showed a decline in body image from even five years ago. When the survey was given in 2011, 73 percent of girls said they were happy with how they looked. In the 2016 survey, that number was down to 61 percent.

Changing Perceptions for the Future

While the results of this survey are certainly not encouraging, if there’s any bright side, is that Young Women’s Trust and the Fawcett Society has seen it as a call to action. Experts with these organisations are already looking at ways to take action in order to change the way that women and young girls perceive themselves and their abilities. Through the results of this survey, we’re hopeful that changes will be made in the future to improve girls’ perceptions of themselves and how they view their appearance, their bodies and their abilities.

To read more about the survey results, click here.

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