May 7, 2018

What Are The Celebrity Secrets to Staying Ageless?

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Isn’t staying ageless every woman’s dream?  It’s often easy to spot the stars who are trying too hard to stay young-looking. We can see how they’ve overdone it with surgery or other procedures. But other stars seem to be immune to the passage of time. We don’t even notice that’s been 20 years since they became a star. Here are three who may be aging, but sure don’t look like it.

3 Celebrity Secrets to Staying Ageless

#1 Jennifer Aniston

At age 44, she doesn’t look that much different from when she first came on the scene as Rachel on Friends. How did Jennifer do it? One way is through chemical peels, basically enhanced exfoliation done by an experienced dermatologist with much higher concentrations of ingredients we can find over the counter. Besides getting peels every month, Jennifer also seems to use a rejuvenating serum with moisturizer.

#2 Kate Moss

Despite being 42, Kate Moss retains the fresh, stunning face that made her a modeling superstar in the 90s. While many stars are homebodies who make sure they get plenty of rest, Kate is famous for her late night adventures. But rather than go under a tanning lamp to look relaxed and fresh, Kate uses St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Oil while using heavy SPF sunscreen of up to 50 during the day to protect her skin from the rays. She also uses juicing and a face bath with cucumbers to help refresh her skin.

#3 Kim Kardashian

Kim and the rest of the Kardashians definitely work hard on their looks and arguably Kim looks better than she did a decade ago despite being nearly 36. In fact, Kim has participated with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic in master classes for makeup, showing how she uses contouring with matte bronzers and highlighting—as well as false eyelashes and liner—to create her signature look.
Beyond makeup techniques, Kim swears by the Lancer method to care for her skin. Developed by Dr. Harold Lancer, the three-step method starts with the twice-daily use of an exfoliator, followed by a cleanser and a moisturizer. These all revolve around Dr. Lancer’s products, but at least one major beauty editor saw some great results when she tried it out herself. In addition, Kim also seems to follow the tried-and true basics like using gentle cleansers like Cetaphil, never failing to put on sunscreen (even during winter in balmy California) and the correct layering order of products: serums first, then treatment creams, face oils and moisturizer at the end.

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